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Estemila Hair Center - FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE- The Cutting Edge Technology in Hair Transplantation

In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method the hair roots are extracted by special tipped micro-engines under local anesthesia and transplanted into hairless areas by taking the natural hair grow angle. Today most of the hair transplantatiın operations are made through FUE technique. Since it is not a surgical operation the patients can decide easily and prefer this technique.

In FUE method the hair roots are extracted one by one and transplanted to hairless areas. Before the follicular extraction operation the hair on the donor area is shortened to 1 mm. Local anesthesia is applied on the area of extraction and transplantation. Micro motor tip approaches as to center the hair root and according to the development angle of the hair pricked into the skin and pulled back. The hair is cut in a cylinder shape together with the surrounding microscopic tissue. The follicular unit is being pulled gently by a micro forceps. This automated system which reduces the graft waste to minimum also reduces the operation time and increase the graft number. The collected follicular units are being placed into tiny holes on the hairless skin. Each follicular unit contains 2-3 follicules.

The features of FUE method are:

  • On the area where the grafts are extracted, the tissue is not extracted but only the related root cell is extracted.
  • No cut and stitches on the extraction area.
  • Scars smaller than 06-07 mm occur on the extraction area which will be vanished in a couple of days and heal without any trace.
  • Throughout this method, the grafts extracted from the nape can be used in hair transplantation as well as in eyebrow, mustache and beard transplantation.
  • In one session, according to the condition of the donor area and according to the number of roots to be transplanted, 3.000 and 5.000 grafts can be extracted.
  • Each graft contains 1-5 strands. 1 graft is considered as 2,5-3 strands.
  • Depending on the gathered number of roots and baldness, it is possible to transplant 50-60 hair roots per square centimeters.
  • Also less pain after the operation and the short recovery period are among the reasons to prefer this method


Transplanted hair mostly be lost by the end of the first month and 2-3 months after the hair transplantation will begin growing again.

Becomes visible on 6th month. But takes the best form after completing the adaptation process in 1-1,5 years. Transplanted hair will not be lost since being extracted from an area coded for not being lost. The color and the characteristics of the hair will be the same since being extracted from the person oneself.

When carried out by a professional team, quite good results are taken in hair transplantation. Lifelong growing hair changes the human appearance and also affects the psychology positively. Hair transplantation is a scientific art since it requires visual quality and experience. Self confidence increases as a result of naturally growing hair.