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Estemila Saç Ekim Merkezi - Hakkımızda

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Estemila, which is heading towards planting in the field of aesthetics and beauty, has been continuing its way since the year 2012 in its position as the forerunner of the industry. Our main principle was to provide maximum satisfaction and high quality service to our patients in this way that we have to be with the followers in the sector. We will be pleased with the return of our self-esteemed patients with our special approach and solutions to our determination and application with our most appropriate method.

We follow the scientific developments in the sector and are able to publish the articles in this issue and present our researchers with our knowledge and experience.

We support our patients not only about hair transplantation, but also about hair treatment. We follow international developments related to hair treatment and we bring our practices approved by the world health organization to our country and serve our patients.

We are presenting our solutions for the groom in the most appropriate way without any commercial concern in the presentation of the diseases of beauty and aesthetics which is a branch of service sector.

We will continue to maximize our services in a modern, contemporary and scientific way to keep the satisfaction of our patients at the highest level without sacrificing our goals, our goals and our principles.