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eyebrow and eyelash transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most frequent implementations made in our clinic. After an operation of 1-2 hours, eyebrow transplantation is made easily by local anesthesia. Through the FUE technique, the roots taken by micromotor are separated and transplanted into the skin are with eyebrow loss.

For eyebrow transplantation, hair roots maybe taken from various parts of the body. But sure the most preferred part is the nape. Roots maybe taken out either from the arm or armpit or the genital region but according to our previous experiences the best results are achieved through the roots taken from the nape. The hair on the arm can be very thin especially in female body and they are not so tenace. Similarly, the development angle of the hair armpit or the genital region may differ gratly.

In case there is eyebrow loss on a local area, the operation lasts for approximately 30 minutes and the results are quite satisfying. In some cases, if the patient demands ones eyebrows to be thickened, the shape is determined and the transplantation is made according to the development angle.Due to the nature of the hair roots taken after the eyebrow transplantation, extensions may occur for a period of time. Therefore, the patients may have to cut their eyebrows periodically. In case of need, once or twice a month, cutting the eyebrows with a few minutes operation do not disturb our patients.

Generally, we ask the opinions of the patients while specifying the eyebrow form. Mostly for the ideal eyebrow form and thickness, a form is specified according to the demands of our patients through temporary paint and the transplantation is made afterwards throughout this form. If the patient does not have any specific request we choose an ideal form and after the approval of the patient digitally on computer, the operation is being made.

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most frequent implementations made in our clinic. After an operation of 1-2 hours, eyebrow transplantation is made easily by local anesthesia. Through the FUE technique, the roots taken by micromotor are separated and transplanted into the skin are with eyebrow loss.

eyebrow transplantation process

Kaşlar göz kapaklarının iç hizasından başlamalı ve göz kapaklarının dış kenarlarının birkaç mm. dışına kayacak şekilde devam etmelidir. Bu anatomik sınırlar içerisinde kalınmak koşulu ile mümkün olduğunca hastanın arzu ettiği kaş şekline yakın bir şekilde girişim planlanır ve gerçekleştirilir. Ense bölgesinden alınan bu kökler nakil edilecekleri bölgeye belli bir açı ve belli bir yönde yerleştirilmelidir. Kaşların açısı ve yönü kaşın 3 ayrı bölgesinde ayrı yönlerde ve ayrı açılarda dizilir. Saç kökleri cildimizden genellikle 45 derece açı ile çıkar. Kaşlarımız ise cildimize paralel sayılabilecek bir şekilde ciltten yaklaşık 10-15 derecelik bir açı ile çıkarlar ve kaşın iç bölgesinde yukarıya doğru, ortaya geldikçe yere paralel ve kaşın dış kısmında ise hafifçe aşağıya yönelmiş bir şekle sahiptirler.

eyebrow loss

Losses may occur in eyebrows in time as other hair on the human body. Eyebrow loss may emerge from quite different reasons. Eyebrow loss may occur either on a specific area or completely. Women are the patient group to have eyebrow transplantation.
Especially those who had contour or permanent tamake-up operations by inexpert people may experience eyebrow loss.In these case eyebrow protection is not possible. The patients who were not satisfied with the contour operation try to have tattoos again by inexpert people through acids which may cause worse results to occur. Scar tissues may occur in eyebrow areas and eyebrow transplantation over these scar tissues is sometimes impossible. Eyebrow loss may also occur due to stress factors.
Losses caused by the stress may be temporary but also may cause permanent losses. That’s why if the eyebrow loss emerges from stress, it would better to wait up to 6 months. Cause early treatments can harm current eyebrow roots. The best way to figure out the losses caused by stress is to get information from the patients. Changes in life conditions, hair and eyebrow losses occurred during the exam periods warns us about the stress factor. Professional assistance is very important for this patient group.The patient should definitely be informed that the problem might be temporary and they should be led to an expert doctor. After 6 months, if the loss continues, then eyebrow transplantation can be made.In eyebrows, apart from this, losses also may occur because of traumas. In lacerations occurred in the eyebrow region during the childhood, the roots are damaged and local or complete eyebrow losses may occur.Similarly, eyebrow losses may occur due to burn injuries on the face.

The eyebrow loss pattern differs in each patient. Losses may occur close to the nose or at the outer parts of the eyebrows. No matter which part the eyebrow loss occur, the only treatment is the eyebrow transplantation. That’s why we warn our patients to keep away from treatment methods which they do not know adequately. Popular implementations among the public such as using blades, dabbing almond cream or garlic may cause irreversible serious results.

eyelash transplantation

Eyelash transplantation is mostly made in one session. It’s 100% reliable method. The operation is made under surgery conditions by plastic surgeon and expert nurses. The operation lasts approximately 2 hours under local anesthesia. No side effects, no pain. The recovery time is 3 days.
The eyelashes to be transplanted are extracted either from your head or from your leg. The donor area should preferably contain thin hair. Thin strands are more convenient for transplantation than the thick ones. The donor hair are transplanted as two follicles through micro surgery methods. It is important to transplant the strands or micrografts one by one for a natural appearance. The result will look better than your own eyebrows and eyelashes.
Hair grows periodically and therefore the results can not be observed immediately. It will take 4 or 6 months for the transplanted roots to grow.