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hair transplantation

Hair transplant surgery , balding , thinning , burned scar or scar is a section of the hair follicles are not innate etc. people are surgical interventions carried out for these regions in order to provide hair again .

Hair transplantation surgery of the first person's hair analysis is performed . This process is problematic in that during detection of the person planting the area to be drawn . Afterwards , the new hair follicles will be planted in the area affected by the hormone testosterone ( hair roots between the people of the two ears ) is given the name specified in the donor area in the region. Here collected hair roots ( fue method) are arranged in a special solution first and wait here for a while is achievable . Then one of the regions that are problematic for a specific instrument planted to the hair roots , right angle , direction and frequency of pop- empty channels. Finally, the earlier process of gathering the hair roots , these empty channels individually planted and the plantation is the end of our operation process.

Hair transplantation surgery at a hospital in the first place , in full sterile operating room , is the kind of meticulous operation that must be carried out by a specialist doctor and medics completely .

The hair root mean poured completely within 1 month after the 100 day average is then to begin to grow again. But have grown in all hair follicles and is to be fully adapted to the new tissue is a duration of approximately 8-12 months. However, it is necessary to pay much attention to the hair planted during this time , experts say they must be strictly observed , cleaning should be done perfectly , and precise way of hard knocks should be avoided .